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3/24Williams Grove
3/31Williams Grove
4/01Port Royal
4/08Port Royal
4/14Williams Grove
4/21Williams Grove
4/22Port Royal
4/28Williams Grove
5/05Williams Grove
5/26Williams Grove
5/27Port Royal
5/28Port Royal
6/02Williams Grove
7/21Williams Grove
7/22Williams Grove
7/29Port Royal
8/18Williams Grove
8/25Williams Grove
8/26Port Royal
9/01Williams Grove
9/03Williams Grove
9/08Port Royal
9/09Port Royal
9/15Williams Grove
9/22Williams Grove
9/28Williams Grove
9/29Williams Grove
9/30Williams Grove

3/24Williams Grove13th
3/31Williams Grove Cancelled-
4/01Port Royal17th
4/08Port RoyalDNQ
4/14Williams Grove12th
4/21Williams Grove16th
4/22Port Royal11th
4/28Williams GroveDNQ
5/05Williams Grove Cancelled-
5/26Williams Grove12th
5/27Port Royal7th(B)
5/28Port RoyalDNQ
6/02Williams Grove15th
7/09 Selinsgrove17th
7/21Williams Grove13th(B)
7/28Williams GroveRain
7/29Port Royal21st(A)
8/18Williams Grove6th(B)
8/19Port Royal4th(A)
8/25Williams Grove12th(B)
9/01Williams Grove14th(A)
9/08Port Royal9th(B)
9/09Port Royal8th(C)
9/15Williams Grove11th(A)
9/22Williams Grove7th(B)
9/28Williams Grove10th(C)

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Welcome to! Keep up to date with where Nicole will be running from week to week and her current results for the 2017 season. Check out the recent feature article on The #75, ABC West Lanes sponsored racing team is scheduled for 70 events at 5 different tracks. If you have questions for Nicole or sponsorship offers please feel free to contact Nicole. We look forward to seeing you at the track.

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2011 Williams Grove Speedway Rookie of the Year!! 
2010 Port Royal - 410 Sprint Car Rookie of the Year!!

#75 Nicole Bower