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3/28Williams Grove Speedway
4/04Williams Grove Speedway
4/11Williams Grove Speedway
4/12Lincoln Speedway
4/25Williams Grove Speedway
4/26Port Royal Speedway
5/02Williams Grove Speedway
5/03Lincoln Speedway
5/09Williams Grove Speedway
5/10Lincoln Speedway
5/16Williams Grove Speedway
5/17Williams Grove Speedway
5/23Williams Grove Speedway
5/25Selingsgrove Speedway
5/30Williams Grove Speedway
5/31Lincoln Speedway
6/06Williams Grove Speedway
6/07Lincoln Speedway
6/13Williams Grove Speedway
6/14Lincoln Speedway
6/20Williams Grove Speedway
6/21Lincoln Speedway
7/04Williams Grove Speedway
7/05Port Royal Speedway
7/06Selinsgrove Speedway
7/11Williams Grove Speedway
7/18Williams Grove Speedway
7/19Williams Grove Speedway
7/25Williams Grove Speedway
7/26Lincoln Speedway
8/01Williams Grove Speedway
8/02Port Royal Speedway
8/08Williams Grove Speedway
8/09Lincoln Speedway
8/15Williams Grove Speedway
8/15Williams Grove Speedway
8/16Lincoln Speedway
8/22Williams Grove Speedway
8/23Port Royal Speedway
8/29Williams Grove Speedway
8/31Williams Grove Speedway
9/05Port Royal Speedway
9/06Port Royal Speedway
9/12Williams Grove Speedway
9/13Selinsgrove Speedway
9/19Williams Grove Speedway
9/20Lincoln Speedway
9/26Williams Grove Speedway
9/27Lincoln Speedway
10/03Williams Grove Speedway
10/04Williams Grove Speedway
10/10Williams Grove Speedway
10/11Lincoln Speedway

3/28Williams Grove 17th
4/04Williams Grove Cancelled
4/11Williams Grove Rained Out
4/12Lincoln 19th
4/25Williams Grove Rained Out
4/26Port Royal DNQ
5/02Williams Grove 22nd
5/03Lincoln 18th
5/09Williams Grove DNQ
5/10Lincoln Rained Out
5/16Williams Grove 8th C Main
5/17Williams Grove 2nd C Main
5/23Williams Grove 20th
5/25Selingsgrove Cancelled
5/30Williams Grove 22nd
5/31Lincoln 11th
6/06Williams Grove 21st
6/07Lincoln No Race
6/13Williams Grove Cancelled
6/14Lincoln 12th B Main
6/20Williams Grove 16th
6/21Lincoln 8th B Main
7/04Williams Grove 24th
7/05Port Royal 21st
7/06Selinsgrove 20th
7/11Williams Grove 17th
7/18Williams Grove 4th C Main
7/19Williams Grove 4th C Main
7/25Williams Grove 7th B Main
7/26Lincoln 20th
8/01Williams Grove Cancelled
8/02Port Royal 8th B Main
8/08Williams Grove 13th
8/09Lincoln 16th
8/15Williams Grove 15th
8/15Williams Grove 18th
8/16Lincoln 15th
8/22Williams Grove Rained Out
8/23Port Royal Cancelled
8/29Williams Grove 20th
8/31Williams Grove Rained Out
9/05Port Royal 13th B Main
9/06Port Royal 14th B Main
9/12Williams Grove 16th
9/13Selinsgrove 11th
9/19Williams Grove 18th
9/20Lincoln 23rd B Main
9/26Williams Grove 7th B Main
9/27Lincoln 17th B Main
10/03Williams Grove Rained Out
10/04Williams Grove 9th C Main
10/10Williams Grove Rained Out
10/11Lincoln 22nd

Top 50

Event LocationDate Of Eventa_mainb_mainheattime_trial
Williams Grove Speedway3/2817th5th8th-
Williams Grove Speedway4/04----
Williams Grove Speedway4/11----
Lincoln Speedway4/1219th2nd7th-
Williams Grove Speedway4/25----
Port Royal Speedway4/26DNQ7th7th7th
Williams Grove Speedway5/0222nd 5th-
Lincoln Speedway5/0318th-3rd10th
Williams Grove Speedway5/09DNQ8th8th-
Lincoln Speedway5/10----
Williams Grove Speedway5/16--10th40th
Williams Grove Speedway5/17-12th10th38th
Williams Grove Speedway5/2320th-8th21st
Selingsgrove Speedway5/25----
Williams Grove Speedway5/3022nd-8th-
Lincoln Speedway5/3111th-2nd-
Williams Grove Speedway6/0621st-9th-
Lincoln Speedway6/07----
Williams Grove Speedway6/13----
Lincoln Speedway6/14-12th9th34th
Williams Grove Speedway6/2016th-7th-
Lincoln Speedway6/21-8th8th25th
Williams Grove Speedway7/0424th-3rd20th
Port Royal Speedway7/0521st-3rd21st
Selinsgrove Speedway7/0620th-7th22nd
Williams Grove Speedway7/1117th-4th11th
Williams Grove Speedway7/18--6th35th
Williams Grove Speedway7/19--9th35th
Williams Grove Speedway7/25-7th9th-
Lincoln Speedway7/2620th-7th-
Williams Grove Speedway8/01----
Port Royal Speedway8/02-8th20th24th
Williams Grove Speedway8/0813th-1st-
Lincoln Speedway8/0916th-7th-
Williams Grove Speedway8/1518th-2nd16th
Williams Grove Speedway8/1515th---
Lincoln Speedway8/1615th-1st-
Williams Grove Speedway8/22----
Port Royal Speedway8/23----
Williams Grove Speedway8/2920th-5th11th
Williams Grove Speedway8/31--5th-
Port Royal Speedway9/05-13th9th38th
Port Royal Speedway9/06-14th10th38th
Williams Grove Speedway9/1216th-3rd-
Selinsgrove Speedway9/1311th2nd7th16th
Williams Grove Speedway9/1918th-5th-
Lincoln Speedway9/20-23rd9th16th
Williams Grove Speedway9/26-7th8th25th
Lincoln Speedway9/27-17th3rd36th
Williams Grove Speedway10/03----
Williams Grove Speedway10/04--10th47th
Williams Grove Speedway10/10----
Lincoln Speedway10/1122n-1st-